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The Zero

The Zero - Jess Walter I'm going to try not to give anything away -- this book is probably best read if you only know that it's about 9/11 and it's a satire.

THE ZERO is fascinating and frustrating, but ultimately satisfying. The conceit, wherein the protagonist Brian Remy suffers from "these gaps [of time]," requires a bit of patience. I'm surprised Jess Walter took the risk and maintains it. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that this requires the same focus as a stream of consciousness novel. In this case, bits are removed but are no less important (where is a regular novel things get skipped because they are non-essential).

I found the momentum waned a bit in places and that the novel may have been a bit too long. But without giving much away, I'd recommend it for anyone interested in 9/11 fiction. Definitely worth a read.