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The Average American Male

The Average American Male - Chad Kultgen A blurb on the back cover suggests that this book is either an honest report from the front lines of the battle of the sexes or a send up of the view militant feminists have of men. I would take a slightly altered view -- I believe it is a satire of chic lit (but for men). It has all the ingredients -- sex, relationships, emotional trauma, marriage, romantic misunderstandings. The only thing it lacks is shopping for shoes and a job in the big city.

My biggest complaint with the book is the lack of definition given to the main character. He's clearly got a one track mind, but ultimately there's little to suggest why two women would stay in a relationship with him for more than a day. He's not particularly funny, kind, or smart. Or, if he is, the author never shows us this. (To be fair, he's funny in a sick way, but his humor is only for the reader. only 1 or 2 lines manage to amuse his friends and girlfriends, that I can recall).

Ultimately, I think the book works and while I'm not the average American male (who apparently masturbates so much that he probably is constantly dehydrated and tired) I can definitely see some truth in the harsh realities of the character's situation. I suspect this book will be taken too literally by men who will champion it as a defense of their chauvinism, much like Tyler Durden of Fight Club is often seen as the liberating hero of Chuck Palahniuk's own dark comedy. In the end, I wonder if the author really means for this to be satire or if he really thinks of women this way. I doubt he's this sad and shallow, but I anxiously await his followup to see if he has something new to say, hopefully with a bit more depth.