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I Will Save You

I Will Save You - Matt de la Pena Matt de la Peña's I WILL SAVE YOU contains some precise and fantastic emotional moments, particularly between Kidd and his mother. A great cast of characters helps move this book along at a rapid pace, leading the reader through a journey of recovery that's also one of destruction.

I enjoyed Kidd's narrative voice, but the banter between he and Mr. Red made the strongest impact. In fact, I'd argue Mr. Red is the hidden gem of this book, (though perhaps I say that because I'm not a teen reader and can connect readily to Red's backstory and motivations a little better). Regardless, the author has managed to create one of those great adult characters that's believable and flawed without resorting to stereotypes or silly twists.

I'm off to read more by Matt de la Peña. I suggest you check him out NOW.