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Dr Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets

Hold Still

Hold Still - Nina LaCour A very authentic and emotional story of a girl who wants an explanation for her best friends suicide. More than that she needs to learn how to process grief and how others process their grief. This is definitely a tough story with a tough main character- Ingrid has already killed herself before the novel begins so all of the memories and journal entries Caitlin reads are steeped in sadness. This is not a flaw. The fact that LaCour can so clearly and firmly carry the reader through Caitlin's journey is a testament to her as a writer. Perhaps the novel can only truly be appreciated by those who have suffered the grief of a friend or family member's suicide. Perhaps. But if you're interested in a real accessible sad but ultimately rewarding novel about a girl who has no choice but to move on, pick this up.

I also highly recommend her second novel, THE DISENCHANTMENTS.