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The Blue Fox

The Blue Fox - Victoria Cribb, Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson (Sjón) In Our Time - Ernest Hemingway Lark & Termite - Jayne Anne Phillips

THE BLUE FOX reads like Hemingway crossed with a more recent Jayne Anne Phillips novel. Cut into three sections, the first is a series of precise beats following a hunter who tries to take down a fox. The middle section bursts forth with life and connectivity, loss, death, and reveals just who is the hunter we were first introduced to. The final section provides an excellent resolution, if one takes joy in reading about the suffering of a cruel and heartless man. I’d say more but don’t wish to spoil things. 

Read this if you love crisp sentences and want to see how a story can be told slightly out of order to great effect. [same review posted on Goodreads]